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Cornish companies commissioned for G7 Summit

  • Local companies from across Cornwall will supply a range of products that will be used by world leaders at the G7 Summit
  • Cornish-made produce will be given a global platform and showcased around the world during the Summit in June
  • Part of the UK Government commitment to showcase Cornish talent, innovation and creativity through the Summit

The Government has enlisted local Cornish companies to provide a range of products, ranging from Cornish biscuits and natural soap, to ethically sourced and sustainable coffee, that will be used by leaders at the G7 Summit in Carbis Bay and St Ives, showcasing the region’s talent, innovation and creativity on the world stage. 

The G7 Summit in Cornwall will bring the leaders of the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the USA and the EU together for their first face-to-face discussions in almost two years, alongside guest country leaders. 

12 companies, from St Ives to Penryn, have been selected so far to provide products which will be used throughout the G7 Summit, by world leaders, international delegates and the media.  

The Cornish companies selected are:

  • The St Ives Co. run by 3 sisters (Tegen, Ainslie and Safi) all from St. Ives, whose gift shop celebrates the best bits of St. Ives and surrounding areas. Sourcing from local artisans, wood smiths to candle makers, potters to seamstresses, a unique range of designs which will be showcased at the Summit. 
  • Maggie's Mobile Barista, a small independent Cornish family business who aim to be environmentally friendly from crop to cup. Born out of a passion for specialty coffee and all things Italian, their coffee is ethically sourced and sustainable, they use 100% biodegradable and home compostable cups and lids and their coffee is delivered in reused tubs, with waste coffee taken away to be transformed into eco-logs. 
  • Jill Dunn, Riverbird Studio. Jill creates nature-inspired linocut prints from her home studio next to the Penryn River in Cornwall. She is inspired by the beautiful nature that surrounds her in her native Cornwall and works from her own drawings and photographs, combining bold colours with a simple figurative style. Jill will be producing the official gift cards & thank you cards for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to use.
  • Kernow Chocolate is Cornwall’s largest artisan chocolate maker and a small family business. Their factory in St Eval was set up in 2005 by Alex, his wife Jayne, daughter Nicola and her husband-to-be Andy. 
  • Atlantic Blankets - Atlantic Blankets is a family run business based in the seaside village of Perranporth. Owners Gemma Teague and Alistair Graham create timeless products for a priceless future. Revelling in the might of the Atlantic Ocean, and the environment that provides year-round inspiration, from farmstead to bedstead, the entire journey of the blankets is thought through, making sure every step is as sustainable as possible.
  • Circular & Co - The Perranporth-based eco-company is the first in the world to make reusable coffee cups by recycling paper single-use cups. Their cups will be offered to all delegates and media to reduce waste. 
  • The Cornish Larder is owned by a young Cornish couple based in Wadebridge whose mission is to celebrate the Cornish food and drink scene through a range of delicious preserves and sauces. Their Spiced Apple & St Ives Cider Chutney will feature at the Summit. 
  • South West Coast Association (SWCP) in collaboration with David Ratcliffe from Devon Pens - David is a wood turner who works out of a small workshop in Ermington in the South Hams, Devon, and makes recycled wooden fountain pens. Each pen is unique and highlights the warmth and texture of the wood. David started working with the SWCP a couple of years ago, making pens from old Finger boards from the coast path which allows the many people who enjoy the spectacular coastal path a chance to carry a little piece of it with them.
  • Scott Woyka - Falmouth-based furniture designer Scott Woyka was recently appointed after a design competition between 7 Cornish furniture makers to build tables for meetings between leaders at the Summit. 
  • Affinity Digital, a technology and digital communication company based in Truro has already built the official G7 website which has been accessed in over 120 countries. 
  • Furniss who have been crafting quality biscuits since 1886 when master baker John Cooper Furniss opened his first teashop in the centre of Truro. With shops now right across Cornwall, the company is providing traditional Cornish treats for delegates.
  • Kern - Kern is a mobile coffee and cake business run by twin sisters Maren and Kris. Serving up locally roasted fresh ground coffee, ‘Moomaid’ Cornish ice cream and homemade bundt cake with a Cornish twist! 

CEO of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, Kim Conchie DL, said:

It’s important for the whole region to reap the benefits from hosting the G7 so I’m delighted that the Government is using local companies where they can to celebrate the best of Cornish talent and creativity. 

It really is a fantastic opportunity for our products to be showcased to the world - well done to all involved!

Ainslie Fowler, from the St Ives Co., commented:

When we first heard the G7 was going to be in Cornwall, it was mind blowing, and then to actually get approached, it was truly amazing. When we found out we were pretty emotional, and our Dad was close to crying.

For such a small town, we never thought that our products would ever be involved in such a massive world-wide event. We are fortunate to work with lots of local artisans and makers in Cornwall and we are excited to show off the creative county that we call home.

Symon and Suzanne Lawrence, from Maggie's Mobile Barista, said:

We are extremely excited and honoured to have been asked to provide our services at the G7 Summit. 

We love that the UK Government is supporting small businesses such as ours and that we have been recognised for all our hard work to make Maggie’s Mobile Barista eco, ethical and sustainable from crop to cup!

Gemma Teague, from Atlantic Blankets, commented:

To imagine world leaders wrapped up in blankets, embracing the Cornish sea breeze and discussing climate change…it’s a real pinch me moment. There’s no better place to discuss the world's environment than outside, by the ocean.