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G7 Carbis Bay progress report published

G7 Carbis Bay progress report: advancing universal health coverage and global health through strengthening health systems, preparedness and resilience.

This report sets out how G7 countries led on improving global health and tackling epidemics and emerging threats since 2015, including in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the Carbis Bay progress report.

As part of its commitment to accountability, the G7 publishes a report each year measuring progress against development commitments made by G7 leaders. The Carbis Bay report sets out how G7 countries have taken a leading role in efforts to improve global health and tackle epidemics and emerging threats.

Since 2015, G7 member countries have:

  • helped expand access to vaccines
  • supported developing countries to train, recruit and retain health workers
  • assisted more than 70 countries to stop infectious disease outbreaks from spreading

In 2015, following the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, G7 members committed to working with low- and lower-middle income countries to:

  • build stronger health systems
  • make progress towards achieving universal health coverage
  • improve health security globally