Ministerial Meetings & Engagement Groups

As well as having welcomed G7 leaders to Cornwall in June, the UK is hosting a number of meetings throughout the year between a variety of Government Ministers from the G7, both virtually and physically – ensuring that UK’s G7 Presidency encapsulates a broad range of issues.

These seven Ministerial Tracks cover economic, environmental, health, trade, technology, development and foreign policy issues. Each supports a core part of our agenda to lead the world’s efforts to fight and build back better from coronavirus.

We are also drawing on expertise and advice from all sectors across each nation, working with six G7 Engagement Groups made up of businesses, unions, charities and other organisations to make recommendations and help advise our Presidency.

Ministerial Groups

Engagement Groups

  • Youth 7
    Chaired by the Future Leaders Network, the Youth 7 (Y7) champion the voice of Future Generations to G7 Ministers and Leaders. Young people now …
  • Women 7
    The Women 7 (W7) brings together women’s rights advocacy groups from the G7 countries and around the world committed to women and girls’ rights …
  • Science 7
    The Science 7 (S7) brings together the leading science bodies of each of the G7 countries to advise leaders how to respond to …
  • Labour 7
    The Labour 7 (L7) is made up of national trade union centres from G7 countries and international trade union organisations that represent the interests of working people …
  • Civil Society 7
    Bond has been appointed as lead of the Civil Society 7 (C7) and is responsible for coordinating dialogue between the government and civil society …
  • Business 7
    The Business 7 (B7) brings together the leading business organisations from G7 countries, supporting efforts to drive an inclusive and sustainable …

Advisory Groups

  • Economic Resilience Panel
    As part of the UK’s G7 2021 presidency, the Prime Minister nominated Lord Sedwill, former Cabinet Secretary and National Security Advisor, as G7 Envoy on Economic Resilience, and Chair of the …
  • Gender Equality Advisory Council
    The UK has committed to putting gender equality and fairness at the heart of our G7 Presidency. The Gender Equality Advisory Council (GEAC), an independent panel …

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