The UK Government committed to delivering a sustainable and carbon neutral G7 Leaders Summit in Cornwall. To do this, we demonstrated leadership within sustainable event management as this relates to environmental, social and economic performance for the G7 Leaders Summit.

One of our key aims for a sustainable Summit was to achieve ISO20121, an International Standard for Sustainable Event management. As part of ISO20121 we have included a carbon management plan, which can be downloaded below.

Our approach to achieving ISO20121 was guided by our Sustainability Governing Principles:

  • Climate change and carbon
  • Responsible supplier and resource management
  • Equality, diversity and inclusivity
  • Environmental impact and benefits
  • Economic and socio-economic benefit
  • Continual improvement and legacy

Our ambition was to deliver an event that reflects the core values of the UK Government, ensuring the G7 Leaders Summit was a world-class and carbon-neutral conference with sustainability at its core that will leave a positive legacy.


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