The Cornwall Summit

In June, Prime Minister Boris Johnson welcomed fellow G7 leaders to one of the most beautiful parts of the UK: Carbis Bay in Cornwall.

Other parts of the region also played a key role in the Summit, including neighbouring St Ives, Falmouth and Newquay airport. 

With over 400 miles of coastline, Cornwall’s stunning landscape provided a perfect setting for world leaders to come together and discuss how to respond to global challenges like coronavirus and climate change.

The Summit provided the best of Cornish hospitality for leaders, delegates and the world’s media. It involved the whole of Cornwall, boosting local businesses and showcasing this unique part of the UK to the world.  

Cornwall is a region in the South West of England, and the most southerly point of mainland Britain. It retains a distinct cultural identity, including its own language and traditions, and is recognised as one of the six ‘Celtic nations’.

Actress on Cornish set

In recent centuries Cornish mines helped fuel the origin of the industrial revolution in the UK and Cornish miners and sailors settled around the world: 2 million Americans can trace their ancestry back to Cornwall.

Today, the region is at the cutting edge of driving the UK’s new green revolution with the country’s first geothermal power plant and lithium extraction site.

Interior of the Falmouth maritime museum
Interior of the Eden Project

Cornwall’s stunning landscape includes some of the most beautiful beaches and coastal scenery in the UK and even the world’s largest indoor rainforest. 

The region is also known for its hospitality, with almost 20 million visits made there from the UK and around the world each year. It has also hosted films and TV shows, from the BBC’s Poldark, to James Bond and Germany’s long-running Rosamunde Pilcher TV series.

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