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UK launches G7 Economic Resilience Panel

The G7 Economic Resilience Panel met formally for the first time on 24 February. The Panel was joined by Secretary-General Gurría of the OECD, who introduced a high-level report to inform the Panel’s work. 

The Prime Minister has asked Lord (Mark) Sedwill to chair the G7 Economic Resilience Panel this year during the UK’s Presidency of the G7.

The Panel will advise G7 Leaders on how to:

  • improve the resilience of global supply chains in critical sectors
  • promote high standards, good governance and competitive global markets
  • support open economies and societies in harnessing and retaining the benefits of new technology and innovation

The Panel will develop proposals for the G7 Summit in June 2021 in line with the UK G7 Presidency’s wider agenda - including to build back better from the Covid-19 crisis, promote inclusive growth, and meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Other areas of focus for the Panel will include supporting the transition to net zero carbon and improving resilience to climate change and other environmental challenges. 

The Panel will consult widely across the G7 and beyond, including with industry, academia, civil society and international organisations.

The Panel members have been nominated by G7 Heads of State and Government:

  • UK: Mark Sedwill, former Cabinet Secretary and National Security Adviser. Chair of the Atlantic Future Forum
  • Canada: Carolyn Wilkins, former Senior Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada
  • France: Professor Thomas Philippon, Economist and Professor of Finance at New York University's Stern School of Business; Economic Adviser to Emmanuel Macron
  • Germany: Dr Stormy-Annika Mildner, Executive Director of the Aspen Institute in Berlin, Adjunct Lecturer Hertie School, and former Head of Department for External Economic Policy at the Federation of German Industries
  • Italy: Professor Mariana Mazzucato, Special Economic Adviser to the Italian Government, and founding director of the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose at University College London
  • Japan: Professor Nobukatsu Kanehara of Doshisha University, Tokyo; former Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
  • USA: Dr Felicia Wong, President and CEO of the Roosevelt Institute
  • EU: Thomas Wieser, the former President of the Euro Working Group and the European Financial Committee